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RE:  Metro Sidewalk Repair                                                                September 16, 2009

I work for a major company based in California and we own a Bldg. in downtown Portland .  We are in the process of selling this location when we were notified by the City of Portland to repair a portion of damage sidewalk that is directly outside of that Bldg.  Being out of State it makes it very difficult to manage such repair work and not knowing any contacts for construction makes it even more difficult.  It was very fortunate for us when we received a call from Metro Sidewalk informing us that he could repair the damaged sidewalk outlined by the City.

Being very skeptical to employ Metro Sidewalk, we contacted the City and they informed us that Metro has preformed numerous jobs in the past relating to sidewalk repairs but they could not recommend them due to liability purposes against the City.  We had several lengthy conversations with the owner Steve, and finally decided to take the plunge and have Metro complete the work.

As a final result we received the approval of the City for the performed scope of work at more than ½ the cost of the City’s quote and we were VERY pleased at the professionalism of Steve and his company.  If we were to need the services of sidewalk repairs again in Portland , I would NOT hesitate to employ Metro Sidewalks again.

It was a pleasure to work with Steve and very comforting to know that there is still old fashion integrity still left in the world.  Do yourself a favor and have Metro Sidewalk do any sidewalk work necessary and have the comfort to know that it will be done professionally.

Thank you so much Metro Sidewalk.

Laurie Harrington

Corporate Lease Coordinator




















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