Work done by Metro Sidewalk Repair Work done by Metro Sidewalk Repair Driveway and approach 51637991 Dumpster pad for Pacific Rim Properties 51637992 Forms Before 51637993 Finished product 51637994 Sidewalk 51637995 Exposed aggregate walkway 51637996 Exposed aggregate driveway 51637997 Retaining wall and pad under stairway 51637998 Lighted staircase 51637999 Sidewalk with saved original stamp on top left 51638000 Wine cellar 51638001 Flat rock walkway 51638002 Flat rock walkway continued.. 51638003 sidewalk & retaining wall 124th E Burnside 51711733 Finished Product on E Burnside we back fill every project with mulch. 51711734 Driveway 51638004 We now offer grinding an alternative method to relieve a trip hazard. ADA approved with saw cuts for traction. 136525518 Sika Flex to fill in cracks in the walk. 136525519